About Us

In short…

Wisher is the world’s no.1 wishing and gifting platform. We help people get what they want, gift better and give forward. We’re a service, a next generation platform delivering happiness.

You can discover innovative and fun things to wish and grant wishes all year round to family and friends easily. Buy directly from a retailer or contribute money together towards a bigger wish.

One advantage is that we take the guessing out of giving as Wisher is an accurate pin point to your wishes so you’ll never have gift disappointment again. It’s the simplest and most fun way to make wishes and grant wishes. We created it for the young at heart around the world – the Dreamers, the Wishers and the Givers. We’re both a community and a utility. 

Our Purpose

We solve the problem of unfulfilled wishes and unwanted gifts. In the UK we sit on £2.4 billion worth of unwanted gifts each year and Boxing day £220 million worth of unwanted gifts go back on eBay. 

Just imagine rekindling the magic of giving where every gift is a wish fulfilled and not wasted.
We imagine a world where wishes granted builds deeper connections. Be your wish a trip to space, a new pair of trainers, a hot tub, a coding course or a medical operation. We eliminate the waste of time, energy and money for the Givers and getting it right for the Wishers. 

The Apps

It’s super simple as you can wish anything from anywhere with your free Wisher app  – products, services or experiences. Share the magic link to the wish around to your loved ones to gift towards. For the uninspired or time poor Wishers you can always discover the most desirable things to wish or gift. We have our finger on the pulse.


Our philosophy is about “giving forward” and kindness through giving. We believe through giving we can help fellow man be better and by coming together instead of acting solo there’d be much less pain in the world. Everything we do affects those around us, as everything is connected. 


Wisher’s vision is to enable £1 BILLION worth of wishes to happen by 2020. We’ll do it by building out the world’s largest wish granting platform connecting people, brands and organisations to enable wishes to happen. Easily. When people think “wish” they should think WISHER.


Our core values are happiness, generosity, sustainability and innovation. We’re open to collaborate with any rock star businesses that have similar values and aim to make the world a better place. At Wisher we build value first and the rest is history…

Our Mission
  • Have fun
  • Help your dreams come true
  • Cause less waste
  • Build a community of awesomeness
  • Enjoy Christmas every year
  • Unlock the unicorn