About Us

Wisher is the world’s best wish list. We are social. We are fun. We are mobile. We help you make wishes and get what you want.

Discover the most innovative and fun things to wish all year round. Buy directly from a retailer or club money together into a wish fund for travel or experiences. Use it as your personal wish list or a simple gift list. 

Our Purpose

We empower you to make and share your wishes. Life is short. We understand that you can’t always afford things straight away – but through Wisher you can store all the things you want in one place. If you are lucky, someone might grant it for you on a special occasion too.

Our Apps

It’s super flexible as you can wish anything from anywhere with your FREE Wisher app. Think of it as your mobile wish wand. Snap things in stores, add the things you love from the internet, buy it later or share the magic links of your wishes with your loved ones. For the uninspired or time poor Wishers you can discover the most desirable things on planet earth to wish in our NEW “Collections” section. We have our finger on the pulse!


We work with YouTubers to promote their wish lists and share stories of the products they love to their communities. We help them grant wishes for their fans and give back. Who doesn’t want to be a fairy god mother every now and again? On top of that we work with brands to generate buzz around their exciting products through our NEW Wish Factory pop up experience in malls. We are building a next generation commerce business that’s fluid, fun and brimming with positivity- benefiting all parties involved.


Wisher’s vision is to enable 1 BILLION wishes to happen by 2020. We’ll do it by building out the world’s largest wish granting platform connecting people, brands and organisations to enable wishes to happen. When people think “wish” they should think WISHER.


Our core values are fun, generosity and innovation. We’re open to collaborate with any rock star businesses that have similar values.  At Wisher we build value first and the rest is history…

Our Mission

  • Help your dreams come true
  • Have fun
  • Build a community of awesomeness
  • Unlock the unicorn