About Us

Founded in 2014, Wisher is the world’s best wish list platform.

It’s super easy to discover the things you love too and buy later. 

What makes Wisher unique is the ability to create a wish fund for money contributions. Use the wish fund to support a cause you care about or to make your own wish come true.


Our Platform

Our Wisher Apps are super flexible as you can wish anything from anywhere. Think of it as your mobile wish wand. Snap things in galleries, shop windows, stores, add the things you love from the internet. Create your profile easily and add your own Affiliate links to products or experiences.

Your profile on the web provides updates, notifications and the ability to discover the most desirable things from around the world in one place.


We work with exciting brands and Youtubers to share stories in a fun way. We also help grant wishes for fans and give back….who doesn’t want to be a fairy god mother every now and again? Over the past 4 years we’ve sent many Youtubers on exciting adventures with their fans and friends including a 24hr city escape to Barcelona and Amsterdam with spending money and wish granting missions.

Our most exciting challenge so far was an “Around the World in 3 days Challenge” which took YouTubers to exotic destinations including England, Japan, Thailand and USA.

To say the least – we want you to excel at having fun and share your dreams and experiences with the world. Creativity and storytelling is at the heart of our collaboration so watch out for our Studio Spaces that will be popping up in exotic locations in 2019.

We’re pretty good at arranging YouTuber meet ups in London, Los Angeles or Tokyo – you know the magic word!


Wisher’s vision is to enable 1 BILLION wishes to be fulfilled


Our core values are freedom, fun, generosity and innovation. We’re open to collaborate with any rock star YouTubers or brands that have similar values.  At Wisher we build value first and the rest is history…

Our Mission

  • Help your dreams come true
  • Have fun
  • Build a community of awesomeness
  • Unlock the unicorn
  • Go on epic adventures