For the Wish Makers

What occasions can I use Wisher for?
In what situations can I use Wisher?
How do I add a wish to my profile?
How do I know if my friends and family can view my Wisher Profile?
Can I edit my Wisher profile after I’ve made wishes?
How do friends and family purchase gifts from my Wisher?
How do we know if a gift has been bought?
How do I create a money fund for my wishes?
What is the minimum and maximum amount I can raise?
What proof of ID is necessary?
How far in advance should I cash in?
What happens if a group gift isn't completely fulfilled - will I still get my money?
Why do you charge a fee on cash contributions?
What are the service fees?
How do I share my wish in social networks?
How do I share my wish in social networks?
How do I ensure that I get my wish granted?
I forgot my password - help!


For Gift Givers

How do I find a friend’s profile?
How do I grant a wish on Wisher?
Will the person know if I bought an item?
If I contribute to a group wish with cash, will the person know?
Is my personal information safe?
Is my credit card information secure?
Is it secure to use Wisher?