What are these?
These are mini electric copper lights, battery operated. It’s decoration for self or other objects. Mainly it’s to have a little fun and give back to organisations of change. Inspired by brave friends, part of the “Makers Movement” created to help change the world. It’s the “gift that keeps on giving”. Simply magic!
What do I do with them?
You decorate yourself with them. Some people make a crown, wear them around their chest, belts or neck. Most importantly…be creative. Your plants at home will love it in summer and winter time and guess what…your bicycle will think it’s WONDERFUL. Most of all spread the story of LightLights.
What is the story of LifeLights?
LightsLights is a little gift we sell through the Wisher Foundation to help the world’s most positive organisations raise money to support their causes. Each light retails for a FIVER (£5/$5) and ALL PROFITS go to the organisation.
How do I share the story?
Wear them and snap some photo’s and post it to your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or whatever social media you are on. Hashtag #LifeLights and tell people your story and how you are contributing to make the world a brighter place. We also use the hashtag #LoveandLights. Remember to tag us on Instagram ✨✨✨
 What organisations do you support?
Organisations that are contributing to break systems of poverty, enable life fulfilment with a core focus on humanity. Such organisations are Field Ready that solve big challenges in disaster zones providing emergency tools to save lives ; Rays of Sunshine brightens up the lives of seriously ill children by granting their wishes ; Save the Children promotes children rights and relief in developing countries.
Is it dangerous?
NO! Some people imagine they are night-mermaids and swim with it. Wear it at your own risk though!
How long will the battery last?
All Christmas long. 🎄🎄🎄 All party long. All night long. It will last as long as the FUN lasts. When it’s party time, we call them LightsBoobs
Why gift them?
  • It’s a gift of endless FUN
  • Give money to your organisations of change
  • Make people smile
  • Make the world a brighter place
  • Joy all year round