Surprises Store

Ta-Da! We’re now connecting Wishers and Givers with our Wisher Surprises, special, one-of-a-kind insta-Wish fulfilment gifts. These surprises are all about making giving exciting and personal again. From personalized boxes of goodies to spontaneous delivery methods, we’re looking out for the unconventional Wishers with a good sense of fun.

As we grow, so will our Wisher Surprises. Surprise someone today, and keep peeking back from time to time to see what other surprises we add.

Visit our Surprises Store on Facebook for more information and YouTube for a taster of the surprises to come!

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  • Unleash your fantasy
  • Share in the JOY of the unexpected
  • Suitable to any budget
  • 10% of proceeds goes to aiding the refugee crisis