Wisher Help

1. Wishes

Types of wishes
You can add JPG and PNG image files to Wisher.

Adding, editing and browsing a wish
Wishes are visual bookmarks you collect from online, on Wisher or from physical stores. You can add all your favourite things to your profile. Simply save all the things you want in one place for others to buy.

Add a wish
– Add from Wisher
Tap on the wish and wait for it to expand, then “wish it”.

– Add from online
Tap through to a website while in Wisher, find what you want and then “wish it”.

– Add through the bar code scanner
Hold the scanner over the barcode and “wish it”.

– Add a wish by taking a photo
Open your camera within Wisher, capture what you want and manually add in all the information such as product, description, store, price and location and then “wish it”.

– Add a wish from your camera roll
Open your camera roll within Wisher, find the photo you want and manually add in all the information such as product, description, store, price and location and then “wish it”.

Edit your wishes
Go to profile. Tap on a wish and select more. Tap on the edit icon. Here you also edit the description as well as the photo.

Browse wishes
Go to someone else’s profile. Tap on the filter icon which opens a pop up box. You can now browse by recently added, price “high to low” or “low to high”.

Buy and grant a wish
Tap on the wish to expand. Tap on the “buy it” icon. You will now complete the transaction outside of Wisher. Once you have bought the item, remember to tap on the “bought it” icon. This will note it on the wishes of your friend. This means no one else can buy the same gift. Your friend is unable to see that the wish has been granted until they receive the gift physically. They then need to delete it off their wishes tab.

Move your wish to granted
Go to profile. Tap on a wish and select more. Tap on the move to granted icon. Your wish will now move to the granted tab.

Remove a wish
Go to profile. Tap on a wish and select more. Tap on the delete icon. Your wish will now be removed from your Wisher wall.

Like and add comments
Tap on any wish to expand, here you can like and comment on everything you see.

Sort wishes
Tap the sort by icon to view wishes by price and time added.

Send or share a wish
Add the wish to your profile with one of the “add a wish” functions. Open the wish in your wishes tab. Once the wish has expanded, tap on the share it icon. Personalise a message and share it with a friend.

Post a wish to Facebook.

Guided Search for wishes
To search, tap the search icon on the home page feed. Type in anything you are looking for on the Wisher platform.

2. Profile

View your wishes
Tap on the profile icon and view your wishes under the wishes tab. You can view what wishes have been granted in the past under the granted tab.

Edit your profile
Tap the edit profile icon to change your profile picture, name, username, and information about you.
Edit your cover pic by uploading an image from your images on your phone, by taking a photo or one of the fun Wisher cover pics.

View your notifications
Tap on the profile icon and tap on your notifications icon to view updates and messages.

3. Friends

Find friends
Have a friend who you would like to buy a gift for? Check to see if they are on Wisher by going to Search. Tap friends and enter their name to see if they are on Wisher.

Add friends
Wisher is way more fun with friends. Go to “More” and tap on friends. You can add friends from your Facebook.

View friends’ wishes
Go to more. Tap on view friends. Swipe to the right on their profile to view their wishes.

Follow and unfollow friends
Go to friends and tap on the profiles of those you wish to follow.
You can also follow all of someone’s wishes by tapping “follow” on their profile or “unfollow”.

Share with friends
Would you like someone to start adding their wishes? Go to “more” and tap on “settings”. Tap on “Share Wisher” and let them know via e-mail or Facebook.

Updates from friends
Tap on “more”, tap on notifications and view all activity from your friends.

4. Settings
Cancel your account.
We’re sorry to see you go!

To cancel your account it’s really as simple as deleting the Wisher app from your mobile phone.
When you cancel your account your profile and wishes won’t be visible on Wisher anymore.

We can cancel a deceased person’s account if a family member gets in touch with us. Once we’ve cancelled the account, it won’t be accessible anymore.

Privacy settings
For the beta version of Wisher, your profile will be visible to all users on Wisher. The next version will give you the option to keep your profile open or limited.

Browser Extension
Download the Wish It button to wish anything from the web. Click the Wish It button the next time you see something on the web you love and it will be automatically added to your Wisher profile. The links get saved as visual wishes and organises it the same way as your Wisher app.

Still need help?
Contact us at: help@wisher.com