Easy wishing and gifting

Really want something?

Tag it on your mobile App and buy it later

…or even better, get it gifted



  • Our Wisher App turns your phone into a “wish wand”

  • Discover new products or log the things you love from anywhere

  • It’s visual, social and super easy to use.

  • For pricier items we’ve added a “wish fund” functionality

  • Rewards coming soon!

No more waste or unwanted gifts

Feedback from our community

Wisher has gone one step further and created a universal wishing community
I value the social aspect of the app, as you can look at what friends and family want, without directly asking so that the surprise element is still there
Wisher combines the concept of a gift registry, eCommerce, wish lists and social community
I never thought there’d be an app to fulfill your wishes. I never thought there’d be an app to give you surprises!

Retail Playgrounds


Play with products

We create immersive pop up retail experiences


Feel alive

We design experiences to create a deeper connections


Make wishes

We help to make your dreams come true

Save the planet

Since our inception we’ve been advocating ZERO WASTE living. More than $18 billion is estimated to be wasted on unwanted gifts each year over Christmas in the US alone. We take the guessing out of giving and help you to choose experiences instead of things. At Wisher we are relentlessly pursuing to solve this.


Our Story


Wisher was born in London in 2014, created by Maz Cohen and a team of designers and technologists. It started as a digital platform which allows people to share their wishes all year round to make gifting easy and shopping fun. Since inception Wisher has built products and experiences to connect people in a playful way to one another and themselves and solve problems for brands, people and the planet.

With London behind us we have many new cities around the world up next. It feels like we are just getting started to HELP MAKING THE WORLD’S WISHES HAPPEN.