Let’s re-imagine the world


Our sole existence is based on collaborations and partnerships to re-imagine the world of retail. We work closely in carefully curated teams to co-create extraordinary pop-up experiences.

We work-play with

  • Big Brands and Early Stage Startups

  • Artists and Designers

  • Storytellers and Technologists

  • Scientists and Experience Creators

  • Innovation Labs and Creative Companies

  • Producers and Studios

  • Retailers and Real estate

  • Municipalities and Charities

  • Sustainability Experts

Our ideas are always aligned to one purpose: PLAY TO CONNECT HUMANITY

We truly believe in the power of play to learn new things, be fearless, create more empathy and enable deeper human connections.

We are fascinated with “why we stop playing when we become adults” as a hypothesis and we’re always looking for ideas to bring back play into our every day lives. This is our mission. How can we sell toys to adults if we have forgotten how to play?

A big part of our focus is sustainability. Experimenting with new materials that is good for the planet and up cycling items for an even more positive experience.

We invite you to join us to imagineer and engineer new spaces, services and products to unlock the inner child in all of us every day.

We believe in positive change through small moments of joy. We are devoted to the science of PLAY.

Magic happens when passion unfolds