Our World 

Reimagining a new narrative of the future through play

Wisher is devoted to connecting humanity through meaningful experiences. We believe in the science of play and fusing creativity and imagination back into human experiences. We believe current shopping solutions are not fit for the future - they are dull, digital and boring. We create to make people feel alive again - we measure emotions, sentiment and transformation.

In 2018 we’ve rebranded to focus on a spectrum of partnerships to become a super brand with humanity at it’s heart. This presented us with an opportunity to shape the way we want to tell the story of a better future with handpicked partners on our platform and play in new spaces.

With the creative proposition of Play for Everyone, Everyday we’ve designed a new logo that is bold and simple. The marque is what we call the “play marque” which encompasses the values of play and is imbued in four meanings which is that of nature, human connection, play and wishes.

The play marque is also used as a community symbol that is one of inclusivity, culture, creativity and unity. People can wear it with pride accepting that we are all in this together and not alone - journeying in life as children of a magical universe.

Wisher doesn’t only want to be a industry brand, but also an influencer brand. It wants to create a paradigm shift in how the world thinks about the future which is an abundant, connected and sustainability one. Most importantly it wants to create a movement with artists and it’s community to empitomise a bright and beautiful future for all of us. We will do this through rich and authentic storytelling one playful experience and one city at a time.

Core Values

Our true north for future success


Smile. Be present.

Connect to yourself and others and be grateful.

Celebrate life.


Show your playful side.

Be silly, be fearless and have fun.

Look at the world with new wonder and awe.


Inclusivity of all ages, colours, shapes and sizes.

Unlock the magic of humanity through giving

We are all in this together.


Believe in your dreams.

Create your future with joy and purpose.

Reimagine the future of humanity .