Our Story


Wisher was born in London in 2014, created by Maz Cohen and a team of designers and technologists. It started as a visual mobile digital platform which allows people to tag their wishes from online or discover things to buy later, get it gifted or save up for it in your eWallet. The natural progression was a immersive retail experience - a magical playground space - which gave adults the space to connect to their deepest desires….and buy nothing.

Since inception Wisher has built multiple products and experiences to connect people in a meaningful way to one another and themselves. Rediscovering the wonders of the universe and themselves. Our goal is to consistently produce nothing but the extraordinary to inspire childlike awe and wonder. We believe the future of retail is where you buy nothing. But feel inspired and alive.

We built our company on a great vision which is to connect people in innovative ways to make wishes come true. With London behind us we have Los Angeles up next. It feels like we are just getting started.