The Wish Factory

Westfield / Wisher Adult Playground, 2018


A month long Christmas pop up called the “The Wish Factory” where adults could play with the latest and most desirable gadgets and toys on the market. We carefully curated an immersive experience where adults connected to their inner child and lose themselves in play. The journey consisted of listening to the whisper sounds of wishes in the interactive balloon forest, getting into ball baths, transforming themselves with glittered faces, learning to fly drones, riding the magical unicorn, 3D printing their dreams in the Toy Lab, fighting the Jedi in an immersive VR experience and scooting around on the latest electric mobiles on a racing track.

PLAY and STORYTELLING were at the heart of the experience with content and experiences rotating daily. Adults could get their gifts wrapped or relax at the magical “Bubbles Bar”. We created a little “Toy Store” where you could scan the products you loved and add it to your digital social wish list.

Success was a retail experience that made people feel alive. Our KPI was smiles and we certainly achieved over 20,000 of them.

It was an exciting launchpad for our brand partners which included: Lenovo, Disney, Hasbro, Inokim, Kodak, Beats by Dre, Braun, MakersLab, Funko, GoGetGlitter and DJI.

Never before could brands track insights through out the Christmas period from engagement to desire to sales. Our Wisher App - aka mobile wish wand - made all of this possible.